DarIBE International

About Us

DarIBE International Ltd (RCN 1605295) is an international financial, strategy and management consulting firm whose mission is to help corporations create, sharpen and sustain their competitive edge. The firm was formed in 2015 via the merging of two reputable companies Ugo-J Investment Ltd. (1993) and Dalens Sdn. Bhd. (2010) but officially incorporated on the 29th of July 2019 by the Nigerian Corporate Affairs Commission with Registration Certificate Number (RCN) 1605295, with the core philosophy of providing our customers with the opportunity to improve the effectiveness and productivity of their business operations and investment propositions in a practical and realistic manner.

Today, DarIBE International Ltd has grown to be one of the leading companies globally with branches at Singapore, Sri Lanka, Nigeria, Malaysia and South Africa and has affiliations in a dozen more companies, all ready to help your organization grow. We specialize in helping businesses understand the evolution of the global economy, to improve their performance by creating, sharpening and innovating their competitive advantage. We further provide ideas and fact base that contribute to making critical management decisions that will help organization achieve its potential and objectives.

We believed that excellent customer services and providing accurate consultations and advice should be in place for the public good. Recognizing good work as well as expressing gratitude among the teams within the organization cannot be neglected, and we have run our business successfully under this philosophy since our founding. We concentrate on what is appropriate for their businesses. Not necessarily the latest fad or fashion, but workable solutions that are achievable and sustainable, solutions that will add value to their company in the form of higher profits and other tangible benefits.

We are also much less prone to the higher overheads and higher fee rates that characterize some of our larger competitors. A high proportion of our assignments were developed by ensuring client satisfaction, leading to repeat business and referrals. Therefore, once the relationship with a client is formed, it is regarded as a long-term commitment. We normally play some part in each assignment and project manages most of them. This means that we can provide the type of personal service that is hard to find today.

  • Our Vision
    Be the market leader in risk management base financial and investment planning by providing uncompromised quality and great value to help corporations create, sharpen and sustain their competitive edge. We are determined to look into the future of business and investment by understanding the trends and forces that may shape our business.
  • Our Mission
    Be the choice of most preferred one-stop personal wealth management planning services company which persistently demonstrating excellence world-class customer services with an innovative solution to serve beyond our customer's expectation; as we seek to be the strategic advisor of choice to transform business and society worldwide.

The business world is changing rapidly; past success no longer guarantees future success. To continue to thrive as a business, we must continually re-evaluate our business environment, our competitive advantage and sharpen our strategy. We value client confidentiality and long-term relationships and strive to develop and hone the most creative and effective strategies to maximize client performance. Our goal is to become your trusted advisor, improving each operation we assess. We help clients achieve greater efficiencies, enhanced reliability, and improved margins by realizing the full technical and financial potential of their existing assets and new capital projects.

  • We are honest and team-oriented
    We believe that honesty creates results as well makes our company a better place to work and strengthens the relations with our clients and partners, with mutual inspiration, co-operation and common responsibility, by insuring the best possible working relations. We believe that teamwork creates the best results by standing by our opinions, but at the same time, we are good at listening and sharing knowledge with each other, our clients and partners.
  • We respect each other and the world
    We have a fundamental respect for each other and consider our differences to be our strength and advantage, when we meet, make agreements or change something; we involve each other in a manner that secures high motivation and trust. We are honest and straight forward and see ourselves as an integral part of the society that surrounds us and we work wholeheartedly and with high ethics and professionalism to enhance the Quality of life for all our Stakeholders.

Our organization specializes in providing services to different sizes of organizations. Thus we render our services to both commercial and non-commercial organizations. The service buyers list also includes different corporate and business entities in operating in the national and international setup. We thrive in delivering training courses to enhance the capacities of an organization, transferring the knowledge and developing the skills set. We have a strong team of experienced consultants, course developers, and trainers. With solid communication skills and hands-on experience in using different tools, materials for rendering our service, and has now became the leading firm globally.

Our organization helps the customers in preparing themselves to meet international standards. We offer our technical assistance, expert advises and consultancy services to get your organization up to the standard that is believed of it. We render services that can give you recognition and benefits from a wide array of regulatory and compliance controller bodies. For newly formed businesses we can help you peak the professionalism of your services via training and incentives, nevertheless, for intending business clients we can help you establish your company in any country and recommend the best location and strategy for maximum profit and best practice in line with the national law and policies.

We provide services that will ensure your firm, company or organization to be facilitated for the quality, environment, and occupational safety hazard issues dealings. We also encourage best practice methodologies adoption as corporate principles. Further to the above, we also identify the interventions and initiatives that are necessary for upscaling the standard of the organization so that better results can be achieved by staying efficient and effective. We deliver our service with the utmost care, professionalism, and dedication. It is our passion to help your business to flourish and to become result-driven. We set you for vertical integration with backward linkage so that your company can enjoy the benefit of competitive advantages from the market and your customers can be benefited from our value additions.

Our consultancy services look in for core areas of your business operation that will result in improved business performance on a global scale. This is why our consultancy service looks at standardizing management systems, tools and techniques improvement, business process re-engineering and management development. Once all our prescriptions are followed, a low performing business entity will start to go robust in terms of operating profit, revenue, and sales. The training programs we provide are also developed in the elementary aspects of the above mentioned broad issues. Therefore, no single matters can skip our scrutiny; all remain analyzed for better utilization and use to ensure better business performance. Our success stories and a long list of satisfied clients is simply the result of our consultancy and training services. So, keep exploring our details more. We are ready to help you anytime!

How We're Different
Unlike other business consulting firms that settle for generic or capital-intensive approaches, we use real-world performance data to pinpoint specific areas where clients can improve performance at little or no incremental cost based on industry best practices. Our proprietary data, combined with our patented methodologies, make our benchmarking studies the industry standard. Guiding clients through our performance improvement process is a team of experts with extensive hands-on industry experience. With years of experience in operational roles with some of the top companies in the world, we can help operators identify their best achievable performance.

Corporative advantages
Creating environments where businesses and people flourish is bold and we know we can't do it alone. Collaboration is at the heart of achieving our purpose, whether that's working with banks, regulators, and the government to rebuild trust or working with the public sector to build a business environment that supports sustainable and inclusive growth. We believe that today's world is all about connecting across businesses and industries, between public and private. And we have a track record of making that happen. Working with dynamic growing businesses is in our DNA as we have provides advice to numerous dynamic organizations across the public and private sector, and working with them excites us because we know they help a vibrant economy to thrive.

Working with our clients also means we see the challenges of doing business in a complex and interconnected world first hand. This means we're in an ideal position to help turn these new realities into opportunities and to do so in a way that makes a direct contribution to building a stronger society for everyone at the same time. We are confident that focusing on shaping a vibrant economy is good for our clients, good for the communities they serve and good for our business. We've chosen to set our reputation alongside a bold purpose by unlocking the potential for growth in our people, clients and our communities we believe we can help shape a vibrant economy where businesses and people can flourish.  We've embedded this purpose through areas where we believe we can make the most impact, and have the track record, skills and connectivity to achieve it.